Give the Gift of Good Health!

Looking for a gift that says “I heart health”? Then look no further. Give the gift of good health by making it easy for your friends and family members to make a healthy choice. The ideas below are great for anyone on your “nice” list that deserves a special gift from the (healthy) heart!

Subscription to Health Magazines

A yearlong subscription to some magazines are often very affordable, so why not extend this gift that keeps on giving to someone you love? Some examples include Cooking Light, Runners World, Natural Health, Fit Pregnancy, and Men’s Health.

Indoor Herb Garden

Adding fresh herbs to a healthy, homemade meal will get the family around the dinner table in no time. A few potted herbs like rosemary, bay leaf tree, and oregano are sure to inspire any cook. These herbs are easy to maintain and are used in many traditional fall and winter meals.

Exercise DVDs

When the weather outside is frightful, that’s no excuse to miss a workout. Evolved from the Richard Simmons era of exercise videos, the DVDs available now include high impact aerobics, boot camp training, yoga, Pilates, and everything in between.

Gym Membership

An annual gym membership can be expensive, but a three-month pass, or even an exercise class pass, can inspire your loved one to get moving in the new year. This will allow them to try out a facility or a few classes to see if they would like to opt for a longer commitment. Sure enough, they will thank you.Fitness dancing

Health and Fitness Apps

Gone are the days where we track our food and workouts on paper. A variety of applications are available to help track of physical activity, count calories, take a meditation break to de-stress, find healthy recipes, manage sleep cycles, and create shopping lists. A few of our favorites are RunKeeper, MyFitnessPal, WeightWatchers Mobile, Spark-People, and Epicurious.

Recipe Book

Gather up your favorite healthy recipes, and turn them into a recipe book from the heart. Your friends and family will appreciate the thoughtfulness and personal touch behind this gift.

Fresh Fruits and Veggies

Encourage your loved ones to eat fresh fruits and veggies from your local farms by getting them a membership to a community supported agriculture (CSA). Most CSA programs provide baskets of fresh, seasonal produce that can feed two to four people every week. Prices and selection will vary by farm and season.

Health Coupons

Gifts don’t have to be expensive or even purchased for that matter. Make up a handful of coupons that are good for a back rub, a hike in the foothills, and long walk after dinner, or even family game night. The time spent together with a friend or loved one engaging in a healthy activity will be worth more than any storebought gift.


Infographic: 33 Ideas to Stay Healthy at Work

Ideas for Healthy work_blog

Working in an office setting can be a wellness destroyer. For most of us, we sit too long, we stress constantly, and we eat garbage all day long (stress induced Gummi Bears are my personal Kryptonite). But it doesn’t have to be that way. Since I work in an office, and routinely make unhealthy decisions at work, I decided to ask a boatload of my coworkers how they stay healthy at work. Turns out, my pals had some incredible ideas, and I felt the need to share them with the world. All of these ideas came directly from PacificSource employees (aka “my work homies”). I hope this sparks some ideas for how you can live a healthy life during the daily grind.

If you have more ideas, please share them in our comments. And as always, please share this infographic with anyone looking for a healthy boost at work. Thanks for checking it out!

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3,215 Healthy Ideas From You!

It started as a simple experiment; we hit the road and asked people to “share your healthy ideas.” The results have been staggering! Here’s a collage that represents just a fraction of the ideas we’ve received in 2013:

Share your ideas collage

We took the “Share Your Ideas” concept to 17 different community events in Oregon, Idaho, and Montana. Thanks to the thousands of generous, healthy-minded people we met along the way, we compiled 3,215 ideas for living a healthy life. If that sounds like an exact figure, it’s because it is. We read and tracked every idea. We’ve used them as a guide for wellness posts on, and have used them to steer our social media content and our community outreach efforts. Basically, you told us what’s important, so we’re using our resources to follow your lead.

For every idea you gave us, we’re going to donate $1 to a non-profit called Veggie U (more information about Veggie U here: Veggie U: Growing (and Eating) Vegetables in Classrooms). That means we’re putting $3,215 toward the purchase of kits, soil, seeds, grow lights, and everything 4th graders will need to grow vegetables in their classrooms. So from all of us, thank you. It’s been absolutely inspiring!

As always, if you have healthy ideas you’d like to share with the world, post it at: We’d love to keep the healthy idea train rolling!