Bike to the Ballpark

B2B imageSummertime brings a whole host of fun family outdoor activities- baseball games, picnics, biking, barbeques, and so much more. This summer, we’re bringing together two of our favorite warm weather pastimes- biking and baseball!

Join PacificSource Health Plans in Biking to the Ballpark this summer. We’ve organized rides to ballparks in Medford, Idaho Falls, Helena, and Billings and secured a special discount for riders in Missoula. So pump up your tires and join us this summer!

Billings, Montana
June 25
Start your ride at Pioneer Park (Third Street West and Parkhill), enter to win prizes, and bike your way to Dehler Field to watch the Mustangs. Game starts at 7:05pm, meet at the park at 6pm.

Helena, Montana
June 26, July 20 and August 17
Start your ride at PacificSource Health Plans (828 Great Northern Blvd.), enter to win a new bicycle, and bike your way to watch the brewers! Once at the game, free valet bike parking will be provided courtesy of Bike Walk Montana. June 26, game starts at 7:05pm, meet at PacificSource at 6pm. July 20 and August 17, games start at 1:05pm, meet at PacificSource at noon.

Idaho Falls, Idaho
June 28, July 19 and August 9
Start your ride at PacificSource Health Plans (901 Pier View Drive in the Snake River Landing), enter to win a new bicycle, and bike your way to Melaleuca Field to watch the Chukers. Games start at 7:15pm, meet at PacificSource at 6pm.

Medford, Oregon
June 1, July 13 and August 9
Start your ride at PacificSource Health Plans (1301 Poplar Dr.), enter to win some prizes, and bike your way to Harry and David Field to watch the Rogues. July 13 and August 9, the games start at 6:35pm, meet at PacificSource at 5:30pm.

Missoula, Montana
June 24, July 1, July 22, July 29, August 12, and August 26
Tuesday night is Bike to the Ballpark! Fans who arrive at the Osprey game on their bicycle will receive a coupon for 2-for-1 admission to the night’s game. All games start at 7:05pm.

Sharing Healthy Ideas at The Pear Blossom Festival

MEDFORD PEAR BLOSSOM (6)In Medford, OR, nothing brings out the crowds like the Pear Blossom Festival. The event marks the beginning of spring, and while we attend the event every year, it’s really, really nice when the weather cooperates. This year, we posted up with a “Share Your Healthy Ideas” banner, and simply asked people to give us their ideas for living a healthy life. As we always do, we had a flood of incredible ideas.

We also offered some of our favorite healthy “spring time” recipes, some fresh produce, our wellness trivia game (complete with a nifty Plinko board), and we gave away some of our handy salad shakers to the winners.

It’s an amazing event, and our team in Medford had a blast. Thanks to everyone who stopped by! Here are some more snapshots from the event:

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The “Share Your Ideas” Experiment Hit Medford

more kidsIf you asked a 1,000 people, “How do you live a healthy life?” you’d probably end up with 1,000 different answers. What’s awesome is that just about every answer would be right. With so many healthy ideas out there, we wanted to find a way to share them!

This weekend, we headed to the Pear Blossom Festival in Medford, Oregon armed with a “Share Your Ideas” board. To sweeten the deal, we pledged to donate $1 to the Veggie U program  for every idea that was contributed. The results were astounding! Medford brought ideas by the truckload, and it filled our board to the brim. People of all ages and backgrounds stopped by, read other ideas, and contributed their own.

People shared ideas to eat better, exercise, manage stress, quit smoking, and improve the health of their community. The end result was truly inspiring. Take a look for yourself:

Finished board (2)

We can’t thank the good people of Medford enough. This was the first time we’ve tried this concept, and we were blown away. This got the conversation flowing at our booth, and we loved talking wellness all weekend.

We’d love to keep the ideas coming! You can always share your ideas for improving health, wellness, and healthcare here: Share Your Ideas.

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