The Get Out, Get Covered Tour Ends At Treefort Music Fest

Treefort MainpageThe Get Out, Get Covered Tour ended in true rock star fashion. As a finish line for the tour, we hit the Treefort Music Festival; a four-day indie music extravaganza in the heart of downtown Boise. The goal for the tour was to reach people in unexpected locations. So we figured, “Who’s going to expect us at Treefort?” So we spent three days listening to music and answering questions about health insurance.

We posted up between a robot couple (that greatly resembled something from the Jetson’s) and PacificSource employees mingled with music fans at the “Recharge Bar.” The Recharge Bar allowed Treeforters who had been out for a fort night to stop by and charge their cell phone, tablets, and bike lights. While they were charging their phone, we answered any lingering health insurance questions they still had.

Treefort Booth 1The event was a blast, and our employees had a great time rocking out to some great indie tunes while helping our community get covered.

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Step it Up! Hitting the Excuse Wall

Advice from our wellness guru, Suzie.

Advice from our wellness guru, Suzie.

Last week we talked about the magical 10,000 step mark in a day (Step it Up! Walk Your Way to 10K). It sounds great, but let’s face it, life happens, and finding excuses for not reaching 10,000 steps is easy. But when it comes to physical activity, we can’t let excuses stop us. Besides reducing your risk of several diseases, physical activity keeps your bones healthier, your mind happier, and your life may be a little longer. No exaggeration, you should walk like your life depends on it, because it does! To give you advice on beating excuses every day, we asked our wellness expert in Boise, Suzie. These were her words of wisdom:

Finding the motivation to keep you on track is a sure-fire way to keep you moving towards 10,000 steps per day. Here are a few motivators that may inspire you to get in one more mile (or about 15 additional minutes) during your next walk/run.

  1. Create a new playlist. Music and running/walking go together like peanut butter and jelly! Plus, a good set of tunes is a great substitute when your walking buddy can’t make it. It helps to make a playlist that you only listen to during exercise. If you love your music, you’ll need to exercise to hear it.
  2. Pick a new route. Sometimes we just get stuck in the safe old routines. Look into safe walking/running areas close to your place of work, or home and mix it up. Don’t force yourself to take the same route every day at the same time, walking the same pace. Just typing it made me feel unmotivated. Changing up the scenery makes every walk a new adventure.
  3. Find the right words. Use the entire English language (if that doesn’t work, switch to French, Spanish, or Chinese) to help push you through your work out. It’s not silly to repeat motivational quotes or mantras to get you moving. Here are a few ideas to get you started:
  • I can do anything in 30 second intervals
  • It takes 4 weeks to see the difference, 8 weeks for friends and family to see the difference, 12 weeks for the rest of the world
  • Work – Excuse = Progress
  • The body achieves what the mind believes
  • Life begins at the end of your comfort zone
  • Goals are dreams with deadlines
  • One good meal won’t make you fat, just like one good meal won’t make you skinny
  • Zombies don’t wait for you to catch your breath
  • Sweat like a pig to look like a fox

I get pumped just typing my mantras. I reiterate, it is NOT silly, to say the words that get you pumped out loud. In fact, it’s really empowering. My last piece of advice for this post is:

color zombie runSign up for a 5k. This might sound a little intimidating, but signing up for a 5K gives a goal and a deadline. Walk, run, sprint or hobble along, but however you complete it, participating in a 5K gets you involved with other people and it’s fun to run for a cause. Plus, 5k run/walks are everywhere these days, and there are lots of runs designed to please the crowd. The color run, the dirty dash, 5k’s with a concert at the end, there’s even a 5k that simulates a zombie attack! There is a 5K for every interest, so search for the few that are up your alley, sign up with friends, and go for it!

The 5K may be a ways off, so don’t feel bad for just trying to make it to 10,000 steps a day. Just being aware of the ways you can make yourself more active in your day to day life is a huge step. Also, If you have a great mantra send them out to me! I love hearing new ways people get motivated, so lets help each other.


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Guest Blogger: Making Exercise Your Playtime


Meet our super fit guest blogger, Jacquelyn

Does the mere thought of working out make you cringe?  Don’t worry, you’re not alone.

If you’re not in the habit of exercising daily, the thought of having to push yourself to uncomfortable limits sounds dreadful. But I’m here to let you know exercise actually can be fun, and with a little help, you can turn exercise into playtime!

No, I promise, I haven’t overdosed on too much protein powder. 

There is a secret to making exercise a fun daily habit.  Are you ready for it? The trick is to make fitness fun, just like when we were kids playing tag, riding our bikes, swinging at a park, or playing a neighborhood game of basketball. Think about a little kid who is outside playing. They have flushed cheeks, are out of breath, and can’t wait for more!

I can hear you thinking in your head, “Yeah right, like I’m going to go out and play tag.  How am I supposed to make running or going to the gym fun?” If you don’t like running then don’t run! There are thousands of ways to be physically active.  Here are some of fun tips to get you going:

  1. Create a groovy playlist that you only listen to at the gym. Favorite songs give you a little push to go faster. They can even turn cleaning your house into a cardio-packed dance session, so make a playlist for that, too.
  2. Do an activity you enjoy—no matter what others think. Rollerblading might be “so 1990,” but I love it, so I continue to do it.
  3. Mix it up. Some days I workout on three different cardio machines for 10 minutes each so I don’t feign interest. Sometimes I break it up by day—I run one day, row the next, and use the stair climber the day after that.
  4. Make progress and push yourself. Your body adapts very well, so if you run the same distance every day, your body will become more efficient and you’ll burn fewer and fewer calories.  Set some goals and keep pushing yourself.
  5. Find a fitness buddy—everything is better with a friend! Find somebody that has similar interests and ability as you and go have fun.  Trust me, bringing a friend along helps amp up the fun value of ANYTHING!
  6. Get outdoors. Don’t get me wrong, I love gym time, but when the weather is nice I can’t wait to get outside! Running, hiking, bicycling are all things that I prefer over a treadmill, stair climber, or stationary bike. Get off the hamster wheel, and get outside!

So how do you find an exercise you love? 

  1. Experiment.
  2. Keep an open mind.
  3. Don’t quit until you find the perfect match!

Try different classes at your gym or other fitness studios in your area. Most fitness facilities offer a free class so you can try it out before you buy a package. Many gyms also offer free group fitness classes. So check around to see what’s out there. Zumba, Turbo Jam, or Body Pump might be the best thing that ever happened to you.

Whatever you decide to do HAVE FUN with it!