Guest Blogger: 5 Tips to Fight Overindulgence

Have you ever been eating something that tastes delicious, but you know that you’re going to pay for it later? Pretty common tale, right? This week, we had a guest blogger, Emily, that openly admitted that she’s fallen victim, but in an effort to steer you in the right direction, she shared some tips to fight back. Emily, take it away!

Meet our guest blogger, Emily.

Meet our guest blogger, Emily.

Here I am, sitting at my desk after overindulging in a delicious pumpkin pie, feeling ill and wondering why I continue to overeat things that I KNOW will make me feel sick.  My “meal” is sitting in my throat while my stomach rolls in rebellion.

So why do I continue to do this when I know the outcome. Well, it starts with my brain. It’s cheering for the addictive rush of sugar hitting my cells – and my body – begging for fuel to meet my unreasonable demands for long hours on little sleep. For my brain to win, it means my health will be held hostage.

Luckily, the first step to stopping this overindulgence is to recognize that I’m overindulging! With that in mind, I’ve come up with a few tips that have helped me win some battles against my brain. Here they are: 

1)  Stop. Think. Then Eat.

It’s doesn’t always change what I do, but at least when I stop and think about what I’m about to shove in my mouth, I REALIZE what I’m doing, even if I still do it.  Supposedly (aka those research people say) you eat less when you actually pay attention to your food.

2) Eat All The Time

Hunger is the enemy.  Never getting to the point of feeling hunger often means never being hit with cravings for unhealthy foods.  Now, when I say “eat all the time,” I’m referring to nutritious foods, not consuming French bread (been there) or leftover spaghetti (done that) all day.

A great way to maintain balance in your diet is to use the guide. Click on this graphic to learn more.

A great way to maintain balance in your diet is to use the guide. Click on this graphic to learn more.

3) Balance

Having a quality protein (Sorry, bacon doesn’t count, but steak does!), carbohydrate (Apples, bananas, and oranges, oh my)  and fat (Almonds anyone?) with some fiber filler (Go Veggies!) gives my body a good mix of fuel so it can pick and choose what it wants.  Otherwise it’s like asking your body to do a duct tape job with a piece of twine.  It may work for a while, but it is far from ideal!

4) Watch the Additives

Processed foods often look healthy – until you read the label (Balsamic Vinaigrette sounds great right? Not when the top ingredient is corn syrup!).  Reading labels means I can pick and choose what “junk food” I want rather than an ambush attack by an ingredient I didn’t realize I was eating.  I’d personally rather have a scrumptious chocolate bar than some corn syrup in my salad dressing, but hey that’s just me.

5) Get Enough Sleep

Go ahead, laugh.  I know I do when people say to sleep more.  But it really does makes a difference in everything you do, from needing that morning coffee chock-full of caffeine, sugar syrup and cream just to complete basic motor function, to those afternoon cravings to shove any candy bar (or three) down the hatch, just to have enough energy to make it through the day.

Ahh, finally feeling better, three hours later.  Maybe next time I’m staring a pie in the face, I’ll decide to grab an apple instead!