A Hike That Rocked More Than Just My Muscles

Our guest blogger, Kathy, has been continuing her 2014 resolution to try a new hike every month. Here’s her installment for the month of July:

After accomplishing the hill climb that was Mt. Pisgah for my last hike, I decided to choose one that would challenge me even more. Since we had plans to be in the Sisters area (Central Oregon), I chose Smith Rock. If you’ve ever passed it from Highway 97 near Terrebonne, you’ll know that it rises ominously up out of the landscape, with several jagged points across its top. Let me just say that it’s MUCH bigger from the parking lot near the many different trail heads than it is in passing from Highway 97. Perhaps I was a bit overconfident.

I started off anyway, with Brian, my ever-positive and encouraging partner—though I think this time, he was hiding his own apprehension about the climb. We choose (gulp) the Misery Ridge Trail. Looking at the trail from afar, there appeared to be one steep section, then a turn around a corner to a more modest incline. Of course, when we rounded the actual corner, we learned that that the more modest incline was a complete visual deception. It was actually very steep, leading up to an even steeper section, even with switchbacks to soften the blow.

At this point, we thought of turning back. Even some of the younger folks with their brightly colored sweat-wicking shirts were huffing and puffing. But here’s the thing: I had challenged myself to COMPLETING 12 hikes—I didn’t want to quit on this one. And thanks to my goal—I didn’t give up!

Slowly and steadily, we made it to the top for a breathtaking view of the high desert around us—then down the back side, with views of the Three Sisters and Mt. Bachelor. The view was worth every ounce of sweat that dripped off my brow. The hike rocked not only my muscles, but my resolve, and the reward was not only the view, but the powerful feeling of accomplishment. Can’t wait for the next challenge!

Smith Rock

What’s so “mountain” about Mt. Pisgah?

Our guest blogger, Kathy, has been continuing her 2014 resolution to try a new hike every month. Here’s her installment for the month of May:

PisgahMt. Pisgah? “What’s so ‘mountain’ about it?” I thought as I spotted it from the freeway upon our approach to the turn off. For my May monthly hike, I was looking for something that was close to home and that my family and I could knock out in an hour or two. We decided to visit Mt. Pisgah. I’d never been there, and with the first signs of a warm spring sun peeking out from behind the clouds, it was a perfect day to try it out.

I’ll tell you what’s so mountain about Mt. Pisgah—or better yet, let my sore muscles speak for me: 1500 foot elevation climb in 1.4 miles, with few switchbacks to soften the blow. Talk about huff and puff.

Unfamiliar with the various routes, we choose the steepest way up. As we started the hike, I kept looking at the faces of the people coming down. They were so happy. No—relieved was more like it. Not a good sign. Climbing up the steep gravelly path in my jeans and hiking boots (yes, I was overdressed) getting passed by joggers, kids, even lean and mean grandparents in the first half mile, I began to wonder if I would make it to the top.

But step-by-step, encouraged by my cross-country running, swim team daughter, and in better-shape-than I significant other, summit I did. And the panoramic view of the valley? A great payoff. And, as we made our decent, I smiled at everyone on the way up, wanting to say to them, keep going–it’s worth it! Now I know what’s so mountain about Mt. Pisgah (though I think I’m going to start calling it huff and puff hill).

Let’s Rock the Races!

Pete the PacificSource monkey modeling the free hat kids earn after participating in two races.

Pete the PacificSource monkey modeling the free hat kids earn after participating in two races.

This spring and summer, kids and seniors in Bend, OR have been busy walking, jogging and running through the PacificSource Rock the Races program. We’ve been giving away free entries to a series of kids’ fun runs and 5K races as a way to promote healthy lifestyles and we’ve had a great response so far! We kicked off the season early with the Little Snow Warriors Run at Winter Fest in February. Next, there was a great turn out at the Little Fry Run and 5K at the Salmon Run in early May. (Check out the pictures below.) And this holiday weekend, seniors and kids will be rocking the Happy Girls 5K and Happy Little Kids Run at Riverbend Park.

Inspired? Want to get involved? We’ll be giving away 50 kid registrations at three more fun runs and 25 senior registrations at two more 5K races. Keep an eye on our Facebook page for the registration code.

Kids Rock the Races Seniors Rock the Races
Little Snow Warriors at Winterfest: February 15 n/a
Little Fry Run at the Salmon Run: May 3 Salmon Run 5K: May 3
Happy Little Kids Run at Happy Girls Half Marathon, 10K & 5K: May 24 Happy Girls 5K: May 25
Little Hopper Root Beer Run at the Bite of Bend: June 28 Bite of Bend 5K: June 29
Balloon Blast at Balloons over Bend Children’s Festival: July 19 n/a
Kids Splash ‘n Dash at Deschutes Dash: July 27 Deschutes Dash 5K: July 27


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