Getting Paid to Walk It Off

MillionIdeas_2It’s pretty tough to beat a summer walk in the park. But we found a way; paying you for it! Last night in Eugene OR, we donated $1 for every mile walked, run, jogged, or biked to the youth athletics non-profit, KIDSPORTS!

This summer, along with Liz N Reilly (our pals with Mix 94.5-FM) we hosted “Walk It Off” on every Wednesday evening of the summer. The simplicity of “Walk It Off” is what makes it great. You show up, sign up with Liz N Reilly (to enter to win some prizes), and take a walk around some beautiful parks in Eugene. That’s it. It’s just an excuse to get outdoors and active on a summer evening. The event has been fantastic, but we thought it needed a grand finale. So on the last “Walk It Off” of the summer, PacificSource pledged to donate dollars for miles. The response was amazing! Check out this clip from KEZI 9 News:

The Results

After sifting through hundreds of pledge cards, the results are in:

  • Number of Walkers: 399
  • Total Miles: 1,437
  • Average Distance: 3.6 miles
  • Donation to KIDSPORTS!: $1,437

MillionIdeas_11All the money will go directly to the KIDSPORTS! Scholarship fund which helps ensure that regardless of a family’s finances, all kids get the chance to play team sports. That means that the 399 people who exercised last night helped get children active in Eugene/Springfield. Pretty heart-warming when you put it in perspective.

We can’t thank Liz N Reilly enough for being the driving force behind “Walk It Off.” We’d also like to thank KEZI 9 News for promoting and covering the event last night. They gave KIDSPORTS! the exposure they deserved, and painted a fantastic picture of how people in Eugene/Springfield were so willing to sweat it out for their community.

We had a blast, and can’t wait to cut the check to KIDSPORTS! Here are some snapshots from last night.

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Infographic: 60 Ideas to Beat Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)


I’ve always struggled with the winter blues. I live in Oregon, and I love it here, but our constant rain and early darkness are a huge drag. The good news is that I’m not alone. Millions of people struggle with Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), and while some cases are really severe (and require some medical attention), many of us can beat the blues by getting active, healthy, and creative.

Since winter affects all of us differently, I wanted to provide some ideas to kick your winter blues right in the chops! While I’m guessing you won’t try all 60 (it would be incredibly impressive if you did), try a few of these out and see if they get you out of your winter rut. Good luck, and happy winter!