Super Bowl Sunday: Blow Outs, Pig Outs, and Work Outs. It’s All Here!

RT_superbowl_seahawks_lpl_140202_16x9_9921If you’re a Seattle Seahawks fan, you’re probably still celebrating their dominant 43-8 victory over the Denver Bronco’s at the XLVIII Super Bowl.

Blow Outs:

When it comes to Super Bowls and getting blown out, no one goes down in flames quite like the Denver Broncos. Denver’s loss to Seattle on Sunday was the team’s fifth Super Bowl loss, an NFL (National Football League) record.

The Denver Broncos had been tied with the New England Patriots (3-4), Minnesota Vikings (0-4) and Buffalo Bills (0-4) for most Super Bowl losses. And, while having the most Super Bowl losses is bad, it actually gets worse for the Bronco’s.  Thanks to the 43-8 final score on Sunday, the Broncos have now been on the losing end of three of the five biggest blowouts in Super Bowl history:

1. Super Bowl XXIV: San Francisco 55-10 over Denver

2. Super Bowl XX: Chicago 46-10 over New England

T-3. Super Bowl XLIV: Seattle 43-8 over Denver

T-3. Super Bowl XXVII: Dallas 52-17 over Buffalo

5. Super Bowl XXII: Washington 42-10 over Denver

Pig Outs:

SUperbowl burgerAccording to a recent French investigation, “If your team loses the big game on Sunday, you probably won’t be seeking comfort in the form of a salad the following day (Monday). Did you know that fans of losing teams increased saturated-fat intake by over 15 percent and overall calorie consumption by 10 percent compared to their usual daily Monday calorie count – even if they didn’t even watch the game?”

There is a silver lining however for Bronco fans. According to the same French study, “post game pig-outs were most pronounced when a team lost in a nail biter versus a blowout (and, I’d categorize Sunday’s 48-3 game as a ‘blowout’.) In contrast, fans who tasted victory reduced saturated-fat intake by nearly 10 percent and their calorie count by 5 percent.”

Work Outs:

So, if you’re a Denver Bronco fan, instead of wallowing in your defeat, put it to good use.  Take that anger and frustration you felt during Sunday’s game and try one a few or all of these 15 do-anywhere post-game workout moves.  By incorporating a few of these tough workout moves into your daily routine, you might just feel your own victory!  And, isn’t that what truly counts?

Now, we want to hear from you! Vote on which play during the Super bowl game was the worst for the Broncos:

  1. Denver snap forced a safety on the first play of the game.
  2. Manning’s first-half interception that was returned 69 yards for a Seattle touchdown.
  3. Lost fumble in the second half
  4. Seattle’s dominant, physical defensive backs
  5. Bronco receiver, Demaryius Thomas lost fumble in the third quarter