Infographic: How to Get 30 Minutes of Exercise at Your Desk

30 Minutes at Desk_circuit work out_millionideas

Who actually has time to exercise? As life gets busy, taking care of yourself is usually the first thing to move to the back burner. But to help you out, we looked at the average work day, and realized that there’s lots of potential for exercising at work, you just need to get a little creative.

This infographic has a series of circuits that will get your heart pounding at your desk. Good luck, and let us know what you think of the plan.

30 Minute Desk_Thumbnail

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How to Properly do a Lunge

Lunges offer a fantastic way to build strength in several lower body muscle groups. And, since it can be performed with minimal space and equipment, it’s one of the most convenient exercises you’ll find. But, like many exercises, doing improper lunges can cause more harm than good.

To show us how to properly execute a lunge, we reached out to Physical Therapist, Colin Hoobler, to show us the proper technique. Check out this quick video demonstration to learn how to get the most out of your lunges without causing any damage to your body.

If you live in the Portland area, and you’d like to attend a workshop with Colin Hoobler, click here to learn more and register online.