Couch to 5k: The Runner’s Guide

Couch to 5K_runners guide

A few weeks ago, we posted our Couch to 5k: Walker Guide. The great news is that lots of people downloaded it, which leads us to believe there are lots of walkers out on the streets. Since exercise is addicting (in the best way possible), we figured there might be some people looking to step up their game! So, we present the Couch to 5k: The Runner’s Guide.

Same instructions at the walker guide:

Step 1) Pick a 5K in your area that you’d like to run.

Step 2) Give yourself 6 weeks to train for it.

Step 3) Follow this guide.

Step 4) Thunder punch that 5k right in the chops (aka run really fast)!

We’d love to hear your success stories along the way. And if you complete your first 5K, we’d love to share your picture on